PS5 News – FREE Games -PS PLUS Free Games Update – OVERWATCH 2 & DIABLO 4 Release

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PS PLUS Free Games Update - PS5 News - FREE Games - OVERWATCH 2 Release (Gaming & Playstation News)

In this article we will cover Playstation news. Check everything about Free Games. Bunch of Updates on the Sony PS5 Games, Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 Release Update Features, Price and more

Overwatch 2 leaks

First up is the  overwatch 2 leaks and for everyone that  was asking the other day in the comment  section if the overwatch to gameplay was  real. Yes, the game was showcased at  Blizzcon 2019 alongside Diablo 4 as well.  The first thing that I want to mention  is overwatch 2 is getting cross play. I  know that we mentioned this the other  day but the developers have updated  their statement so I just wanted to say  to expect to be able to play the game  with your friends that may be on  different platforms. For Diablo 4 that is  still up in the air but Blizzard did say  that they wanted to include this option  inside of the game. But I would imagine  that Diablo 4 will also get it not only  because it’s made by the same company  but because Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo etc  are all on board with cross play at this  point. The last thing related to both of  these games is that they will be  releasing on both current gen systems  and the next gen systems like the PS 5  and project scarlet.

Red Dead Redemption 2 – First mod

Next up is the very  first mod for Red Dead Redemption 2. The  game came out today November 5th 2019  for PC players and even though the mod  is small and it just turns Arthur into  Joker, I wanted to share this and give a  suggestion to both Sony and Microsoft to  enable mods on the PS 5, and project  scarlet. Because mods make games awesome,  and it adds so much more replayability,  it is not even funny. Games like Grand  Theft Auto 5 already somewhat have mods  on console they just work a little bit  differently from PC. But installing  things like custom races and that sort  of stuff is doable on console for GTA 5.  So I’d love to see this become a thing  with much more games.

Twitch prime games include DLC

I also wanted to  say the free twitch prime games for  November also Include  DLC for the games that are available to  download this month. For the interview  regarding how and what the PS 5  experience will be like this is a really  long article that goes over pretty much  everything we know right now, like the  specs features, controllers and a bunch of other stuff. But really the  only thing I need to say is games will  be bigger better more realistic and  offer features that have never been done  before on console to engage you with the  game much more. Making you feel as though  you’re really there, making decisions to  make the game what you want it to be.

Google is giving points

Basically Google points are given to you  for downloading free apps and free games,  buying games and that sort of stuff.  They’re basically Google money to get  you other stuff when you have enough of  them.

Hardware PS5

Next is something regarding AMD  Hardware on the PS 5 and project scarlet.  All I need to say about this article is  don’t expect consoles to sell out  because they’re making millions and  millions and millions and millions and  millions and millions and millions of  cpus and gpus for the next generation  consoles. So keep that in mind you don’t  have to like rush out and buy the next  gen console as soon as it releases , thinking that it’s gonna be sold out. For the update on the  two models of the PS 5 and its price  points, this is a rumor, but I do think  that it’s best for Sony to release two  models one at the $500 price point that  we’ve gone over the past few days, where  Sony is not going to go over that price  point for either console. But I gotta be  honest then saying that could mean that  it’s going to be $499.99. Because  technically that is less than $500 but  for them to make the PS 5 Pro that price  and then release  a lower-end model for like $400 of the  ps5, I think would be a smart decision.  Because even though the ps5 is going to  be a beast I do think that $500 or  $499.99  for a console is a lot of money, and it  will hurt their sales because of that.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 PS5

Next up is the horizon zero dawn 2  graphics on the PS 5, most likely being  one of the best looking games to launch  alongside that console. What I just  barely said is literally. One  of the PS plus bonuses for today I do  want to say that you do need to buy  oughta  but playstation Plus subscribers can get  some bonuses inside of the game that  will be on screen for you.

Nioh 2 – beta

Nioh 2 to open beta is also  available right now on the playstation  Store, and it’s going to run until  November 10. The file size is about 13  gb. So it does offer quite a bit  of content. And you can play online with  up to three people but of course you  need PS plus in order to do that. I just  wanted to share this because I thought  the beta was only going to be for the  weekend but that is not the case. Anyways  the full game is set to release on march  13th 2020 so definitely go and try this  out because It offers quite a bit of  content for a beta.

Singstar online shutdown

I got to be honest I  had no idea about the game called  singstar but the game is apparently  getting shut down on January 31st 2020.  And this has been confirmed by Sony it’s  not going to offer anything like online  play anymore or it won’t even be in the  playstation Network store. Obviously you  will still be able to play the game if  you already have it. It’s just the online  features won’t be there anymore. 

New free Playstation games available to download

Last I just wanted to say that the new  free playstation Plus games are  available to download today I’m sure  you’re all aware the games are Nioh and  Outlast 2 at this point both of them are  awesome games.  I  already own Nioh and is an awesome  game, it’s just it’s really hard.

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