Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse-Review

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Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse Review

On paper this looks like the best Mouse ever made for first-person shooters and you could even use it for mmo’s but that doesn’t mean it’s going to suit you. Logitech G Pro Wireless is a medium-sized to ambidextrous Mouse with modular side buttons, currently the best sensor on the market, and it only weighs about 80 grams. 80 grams and Wireless is Outstanding, especially for this size. There is a lot of Mouse choice, and everyone wants
Different things and there is no such thing as a perfect Mouse. So I’m going to go through the usual size guides and testing and by the end of this review hopefully you know if it’s right for you, because at the time of release it’s not cheap. But I would say it’s worth it.

Design & Build

Its plastic all over, and to reduce the weight so much the walls are ultra thin at 1 millimeter. Surprisingly it’s still very solid, I’m not feeling any flex when wrapping it tightly, so the plastic is strong, and while they added some texture to it, some people might find it a bit slippery. Similar to what you’d find on the g403.

Rubber grips have a habit of wearing out so this might be a good change. Thankfully Logitech have been working on their shapes, so with the sides mostly flat with just enough curve you should have enough of a ledge to help with picking it up. Personally I think they could go a bit deeper with the curves, but maybe they’re playing it safe.

It’s a right shape to help with grip, same goes for the buttons, comfort cuffs are there but not to the extent in the geforce R3, which in my opinion are nicer. The easiest master compare to this it’s a Zowie fk1. And many people have nicknamed it a Logitech FK. But once you hold them you should feel they’re quite different overall. For example from the back the FK hump is fairly flat, whereas this one is rounded. The slope of the buttons is more gradual, which for me is the biggest difference other than the width where my fingers are placed, because there is more curvature on the FK. So if you really wanted to simplify you could say this is like a bulky FK, but shortened. More in line with the two-to-one ratio of length and width but seemingly small differences all that all. Once you pick these up, next to each other, you should be able to tell which is which a hundred percent of the time.


Now let’s talk measurements. After a lot of feedback it seems a mouse with measurements of 60% of your hand size is best.

If you go smaller than 60% you might find getting cramps in your hands and pain in your fingers. If you go larger than 60% you might not be reaching your full potential with aim. 60% is the balance.
And now the dimensions it’s roughly 4 cm high, the width in line with the sensor is 5.9cm and the length is about 12.5cm.

It’s not really designed for palm group, for comfort and actually holding it in your palm, I would say you need hands under 17.5 centimeters. This is more for claw and fingertip grip, and that would be for twenty by ten centimeter hands, but it could be used for claw between 17 and 22. Note the hump is a little forward, so it may be harder to rest your palm on it.

And fingertip between 18 and 22. Each end of the spectrum may have some issues with grip, and the middle is best.


First I want to enter a common question about Wireless. So yes logitech wireless is as good as wire mice, no latency, no performance issues, they’re amazing. But there were two remaining problems, the weight and the battery life. But this one is 80 grams and only 77 if you take out the bottom plate, if you play using the power play technology, it will be 82 grams. You could also add a 10 gram weight if it’s too light.
If we look in his software, you can see it estimates about 49 hours of battery life, that’s remaining on a full charge, so about two full days use. But that’s with the lights on, with the lights off it’s about 63 hours. This is one of the best selling points of the mouse. A G903 with the lights off would last about half that. The same is true for the G403. Logitech reduces the size of the battery to save on weight, they doubled the battery life, no doubt mostly thanks to the new hero sensor.
This mouse is definitely something special, but as I said there’s a lot to Mouse choice.

Buttons Placement

Now for the buttons, Logitech continue to impress with their left and right mouse buttons, and I snap to them but still easy to press in and no accidental clicks, that’s for my fingers anyway. Scroll button is actually easy to press in many wills, scrolling up and down has just enough tension in the steps, which should keep many counter-strike players happy.

The side buttons are small and out of the way, and seem to have less trouble than the g403. I would say these are better. And you can have them on both sides, or just on one, or maybe one on each side. Having multiple side buttons is amazing, very easy to take out and put in. You get four individual buttons and blocks, so not only can we choose which ones we want activated, but it also means left-handers can use this mouse as well. And you can edit the commands with all the regulars, as well as G shift which is what makes this Mouse potentially suitable to mmo’s, as you can essentially double the amount of functions on the mouse. There’s also keystroke at multi key macro. The DPI button is safely hidden away on the bottom so no accidentally switching dpi.
I can’t really comment on durability other than i’ve used this mouse for a few months and it’s been great. There’s no extra sound when tapping it or shaking, it this seems really well built. The cable is about 1.8 meters, smooth rubber and kind of flexible. You could play like this.

Light and distance

And just back to the software, at some stage we will all switch to G Hub, but for now I’m using the Logitech Gaming software. The DPI ranges from 100 to 16,000 and that’s in steps of 50, and it’s an RGB Mouse so you do have some color options, including synchronizing all your Logitech devices.

I would personally leave the lighting off unless using it with the power play pad, which will mean you don’t have to recharge it. You will probably hear a lot about the new hero sensor and with good reason. It not only performs as well as of 3366 in all my testing, it’s seven to ten times the power efficiency, which is a big reason why the battery lasts so long.


With previous versions I had a few issues with tilting the mouse and slamming it down, but not on this one. It tracked everything, this sensor is just amazing, zooming in it, tracked pixel by pixel, so your sniper shots should be on point. And it does the smoothly so rapid-fire weapons should be great too. I can’t find any acceleration or deceleration.

Other settings

I couldn’t get an exact time but I think you can do a full charge in about two hours. It comes with an adapter and USB, and the USB also fits in the bottom of the mouse for easy travel.

And the white balance is quite central, a little toward the back. Sound difference between the old and the new. The one I like doesn’t clot as easily but is quieter and for me it gives more control, the new has less resistance and is somehow louder, and it seems that’s what a lot of people like, it’s all personal preference.


I’ve seen so many amazing new mice that has never been so hard to choose, again Logitech have raised the bar on ways we joke about, but didn’t think anyone actually would. They’ve listened to our feedback and somehow made it happen, a wireless 80 gram mouse. The fact it’s fully ambidextrous with modular side buttons, has a long battery life and is seemingly really high build quality, it almost seems just a bonus at this point. The only drawback to this is the cost, I just want to add a note on that though. Research and development when making mice is not cheap, and a lot of companies are just using standard shells. In standard technology logitech is one of the few companies for really pushing the industry. From what i’ve seen and what i’ve heard the mouse is actually very well priced considering what’s in there and what it took to make. But personally even if there was a markup I would be happy to pay, it because we’re starting to see way too many clones on the market, as someone who’s searching for the best Mouse, I don’t want the same one made over and over again. So it’s so important we have these companies that are actually pushing the boundaries and coming up with new shapes. If their suits your hand size and what you need then I would highly recommend. It it’s just an awesome bit of tech and i’ve seen Wireless mice way more expensive than this. So if it suits you then yes if it doesn’t maybe still yes, because if you’re an enthusiast, you’re going to want to try this. For everyone else maybe not, i’ll leave it up to you.

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