iPhone 11 Review

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iphone 11

Apple’s yearly event that occurs every September just finished, and they reported many things including this new iphone 11.In this article we will investigate all highlights regarding newest iphone .  


So Apple’s newest iphone 11 looks stunning, there’s no R version anymore we’re just now down to iphone 11 which replaces the outgoing 10 R. The overall look hasn’t changed much from last year’s version, however these new iphones now featuring more shatter resistant chassis, and the iphone 11 also comes into new colors, purple and green which looks stunning.


There’s also now two cameras instead of one. Again this is replacing the outgoing iphone 10R which was only equipped with one camera. Now these cameras are all new according to Apple. Both are 12 megapixel shooters and instead of adding a telephoto lens Apple opted in to put an ultra wide-angle lens alongside the standard wide lens.

Now these cameras let you shoot sharper photos, and they’ll also allow you to shoot new ways thanks to that ultra wide-angle lens. There’s also a new portrait option for the iphone 11, which allows you to not only take wide-angle portraits but you can now shoot portrait mode with pets or objects.There’s also a new night mode which happens automatically when there’s not enough light in the scene. We haven’t really tested it ourselves but we’re really looking forward to trying this out and keep you all posted.


The front-facing camera also features slofies, which is essentially a slow-motion selfies up to 120 frames per seconds. And it can also record in 4k up to 60 frames per second.

Faceid improved

So up front we also have the next-generation face ID which works faster and apparently in more angles too. Now we’ve yet to confirm whether if this Will work with the iphone laying flat on a table.


The display is similar to last year’s 10r with its liquid retina HD display, it features up to 625 nits of max brightness, which isn’t as bright as pros 800 nits of brightness, but it also features p3 wide color gamut and LCD panel and haptic touch.


Now inside though is Apple’s brand-new a 13 Bionic processor which is 20% faster than the a12 processor found on the 10s, 10R and 10’s max.

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