Hyperx Cloud Alpha-Ultimate Gaming Headset

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Hyperx Cloud Alpha Ultimate Gaming Headset

Hyperx is really no stranger when it comes to putting out great value headsets. Although hyperx cloud alpha gaming headset it’s not brand new actually, it came out maybe like a two years ago,  it is by far one of the best gaming headsets out there, for it’s $100 price point.

So lets start first what you getting straight from the box. Sticking out of the box it does stay true to their branding with the black and red color scheme. However there are no different color selections to pick from like we’ve seen in the past, kind of a bummer, but again that’s not a huge deal, shouldn’t be a deal breaker For anybody.

Build Quality

Hyperx Cloud headsets seems pretty lightweight but they do feel solid at the same time. Both the ear cups aren’t a matte black finish and the yoke is this red aluminum, the ear cups rotate around I’d say maybe 30 degrees on the go, don’t get a really huge range of adjustment here. Doesn’t lay flat which is kind of a bummer, and in terms of adjustment you do get these nice grooves along the headband. You get an additional maybe I’d say inch inch-and-a-half here, in the end it’s gonna be large enough to fit 99% for the heads out there.

But even then you might be in luck because when you stretch these things out they do get flexible and it doesn’t really compromise the build at all, I don’t feel like they’re gonna break, which is definitely a good sign. I’m also loving the attention to detail here with these stitching along the headband, you get the embossed hyperx logo. All together looks really nice.

Comfort wearing

Now in terms of comfort there’s got to be a correlation here with the branding cloud name with hyperx to its overall feel because they do feel like clouds when it’s on your head. I love their memory foam, ear pads Here it just feels so soft, and overall pretty lightweight when you’re wearing it, and since it is over the ear it doesn’t irritate me at all.

It’s just it’s something how hyperx really makes all their headsets extremely comfortable and these are probably the most comfortable I’d try it from them. If everybody out there who does use glasses. I can say its perfect. When I’m gaming  typically I am wearing my glasses and there is zero pressure on my temples here, anything like that, definitely passes that test because they are so comfortable. Big ups on that. And another great thing about this headset is that it’s universal meaning you can use this with your ps4, your PC, or your Xbox one X. Whatever has a headphone jack you can use this with.

Sound quality

And now into the most important thing how do these actually sound? And I could honestly say this is the best sounding gaming headset from hyperx that i’ve tried and probably the best sounding headset overall at this price point.  

And they actually altered the construction of the ear cups as well, as the drivers, which is going to change and improve the overall sound quality, it’s pretty cool what they did. So inside they kind of divided up the driver. Instead of the driver putting out the treble, the mids and the bass all at once, they divided it up, so the treble and the mids are coming out in their own specific section and the bass is broken up and divided into its own section in the earcup.

If you take a look up top you’ll see little air vents I’m not 100% sure what this is actually directly effecting. When I covered this up I found that was a little bit recessed, but it’s cool to note that it does have those vents up top and at those different levels are all broken up inside to give you the best audio possible.  And speaking of which I would say for listening to music in terms of a gaming headset, this definitely sounds the best that i’ve ever tried for music.

Gaming Sound

When I’m playing battlegrounds everything just sounds so alive, positional audio is a hundred percent onpoint. I was able to pinpoint every gunshot direction where it was coming from, if I heard all footsteps, or just occasional weird audio glitches in the game, or when think Someone’s around me, everything sound great. And then when I’m playing racing games, there’s  like being out on the open road,  just hearing the overall environment there, the engine revving up, the brakes, all that good stuff, it’s just everything is alive.


Microphone, I think for the most part it sounds pretty good. I have This fed directly into my PC and also I use it with OBS and live streaming. If we’re talking to your friends I think it sounds more than fine, like on discord, game chat or anything like that.

Mic it is like a gooseneck construction, you can move it around, to be in front of your mouth, which is always good, and the microphone itself is completely removable, which means if you want to you know go out and use these to listen to music or something you won’t have to have this attached to it 24/7 .

One important thing is that you have the inline controls here on this cable but it adjust the volume of what you’re hearing on your headset, it does not actually adjust the volume output of your microphone, so keep that in mind because some headsets out there actually do have that as a feature. This is just for your volume, not your microphone.


 Inside the box that include a few extra things for you. First is your standard braided cable with inline controls for volume and muting the mic. And since the removable that’s a big plus in my book, you also get an additional 2 meter split headphone in microphone cable, and the nice little velour carrying pouch in case you’re bringing these with you on the go or to a friend’s house so they don’t get damaged or scuffed up.


If there is some sort of you know downfall, I would say that since these now have that kind of divided obstruction on the inside for the mids and the treble separated from the bass. The bass does kind of suffer a little bit, it’s not as as thump as I’d like to hear, but again, that’s only gonna be for hard bass heads out. It’s not a big deal in the end honestly. So for hundred dollars I have to say the hyperx cloud alpha headset is by far one of the best options out there. If you want a new gaming headset or you want to upgrade from your older crappy one, whatever that may be, this is gonna be your best option for the holiday season. I am so impressed with everything, the build quality, how comfortable they are, and the sound quality like I said it’s just some of the best I have heard out there, and I have to give big props to hyperx because there I think one of the leaders when it comes to giving you a great gaming headset for the price. This is highly recommended, like I said  especially for gaming this is gonna give you the best of both worlds from listening to music and gaming, while staying pretty budget-friendly I’d say.

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