How to play with buddy – Pokemon GO

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How to play with buddy in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO got new update and with the new update comes some new features. And one of the new features is to access a buddy to walk and play with you. In this guide i am gonna explain and show you how to access your buddy in Pokemon GO. The only way you can access your buddy is if you have the update 0.16 3.0. If you do not have that Pokemon GO update then you cannot access your buddy. So make sure you guys update your game.

How to play and walk with Buddy

1) Click on your buddy

First step on how to access your buddy in Pokemon GO is to click on your buddy. Then you gonna see different option like walk together, give your buddy a treat, play together, battle together you can take snapshots with your buddy and finally you can visit new places.

2) Feed him

Now you are gonna walk around and find a flat surface. So we look around slowly, tap to place your Pokemon. Now what we’re gonna do is you’re gonna feed him. You will see raz berry. Now I’m guessing this is a new berry cause I don’t have any of them yet. So you’re just gonna feed him with berries. You’re just gonna throw a ras berry. If you miss it goes away, but if you hit him it he’ll eat it.  One berry will not be enough so you will  need about 2 more or feed him with other food. Make sure you don’t miss. If you miss it just disappears. When you feed him it will say “your buddy has joined your adventure”.

How to play with buddy in Pokemon GO - Feed him

3) Go out from AR and your buddy should be next to you

What you can do is go  out of AR mode and your buddy should be walking next to you. You can battle with him. You can check Pokemon with him. But he literally follows you. This is just like in Let’s Go. They’re kind of doing the same kind of technique as Let’s Go, which is pretty cool.

How to play with buddy in Pokemon GO- exit AR mode

Other Features

Let’s check out the other features because I didn’t really get a chance to do.

How to play with buddy in Pokemon GO - all other activities

What a PLAY does

Click on your buddy. Let’s see what play does. You will see popup message saying “ while use AR mode make sure you’re in safe location and any children are supervise at all times”.Click OK, and another message appear: “find a flat surface. Tap the colored footprints to have your Pokemon appear at the Selected position.” Do that and your Pokemon will appear.

Battle together

“Battling in Gyms, in raids, against other Trainers, or against team GO rocket while your buddy is walking with you on the map will strengthen your bond and can earn you a heart.”

Play with your buddy

“Playing with your buddy in AR mode will increases its happiness and can earn you a heart’. So every time you play with him you bring him out into AR mode. You just throw a berry, feed him and play with him. Maybe they’re gonna bring up some like toys you could just play with him like in a sword and shield. It will be pretty cool.

Take a snapshot

“Capturing memories with your buddy by taking snapshots will strengthen your bond and can earn you a heart. Be sure to take your snapshot via the buddy’s screen.”

Visit a new place

“While your buddy is following you, spin a new pokestop Gym you haven’t visited before to earn a heart.”

That is how you access your buddy to be able to walk with you to play with you to battle with you just just to be your buddy.

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