How to GET PURPLE RIPPLEY Skin – Fortnite

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Fortnite How to GET PURPLE RIPLEY Skin Style / Sludge - All Challenges (Guide, Unlock Location)

Today we will be showing you how you can unlock the Purple Rippley. To do this you will have to complete nine out of ten challenges.  I will be showing you how you can do all those challenges in this one article.

Earn Gold Scavenger Medals by searching chest, llamas, or supply drops (3)

Let’s start with the challenges.  The first challenge to get PURPLE RIPPLEY is “earn gold scavenger medals by searching chests, Llamas or supply drops”.A lot of people are gonna be confused about this type of a challenge but we will show you how you can do it.  The way you can get the gold scavenger medal is by searching twelve chests.  Just go in team rumble and start searching for twelve chests, maybe I recommend you guys count them, because if you do not get twelve chests it will count as a silver or a bronze medal.  Be sure to just go and count as you open up chests and you should be good.

Achieve AR Specialist Accolades in different matches (3)

After that challenge we have new challenge which is “achieve AR specialist accolades in different matches”. You will have to do this in three different matches,  it can be a bit time-consuming but it’s fairly simple. All you have to do is dealth 250 damage with an AR.  If you dealth 250 with an AR you will complete the challenge, but you have to do it three times,  I do recommend you guys go to team Rumble, deal 250 damage, leave and rejoin again in team Rumble. That’s the best way.

Land in a Named Location in different matches (3)

After that we have “land in a named location in different matches”.  That’s pretty much explanatory.  you have to just land in a place that has a name. For example Pleasant Park or any other. You have to land in three different matches.  That’s very very simple all of you can do that very very easily.

Deal any damage with a placed Trap to an opponent (1)

After that we have “deal any damage with a place trap to an opponent”.  For this I do not recommend you guys try this out too much. If your a trap specialist and you guys know how to trap people very easily this is gonna be an easy thing for you. But I recommend to you guys who are not like amazing with the traps ignore this mission and start doing the other missions before this one. This is the last mission I actually finished,  I would recommend you guys do the same.

Destroy SLURP Barrels, SLURP Trucks, or SLURP silos

The next one in order to get PURPLE RIPPLEY is “destroy slurp barrels, slurp trucks or slurp silos”.  Everything slurp related you have to go to  slurpy. But you also have me other places on the map. I do recommend go to  slurpy because there’s a lot of slurp barrels there that you can find, and you only have to break ten.  It’s not too much. Just go to  slurpy break those barrels and that would be easy.

Swim 50m in under 5s (1)

We have another challenge, and that challenge is “swim 50 meters in under 5 seconds”.  When I saw this challenge I was a bit confused, maybe you guys are as well, but I’m gonna show you how you can do this very very quickly and. For this you will have to go next to the waterfall, and just swim to the direction of the waterfall, it’s gonna be fairly simple to do.

Visit Lazy Lake and Slurpy Swamp in the same match while riding in a Motorboat (1)

But let’s go for the next one. “visit lazy lake in  slurpy swamp in the same match while riding in a motorboat”.  There’s a lot of glitches about this challenge.  If you guys have experienced any glitches you should know it’s normal. But what you can do is just follow this guide and you will do it in no time. Let’s go to lazy lake first and then in lazy lake you will find a boat, there should be a boat. Go to that boat and then let’s go to a lazy lake. To finish the first part of the mission you will have to go out of lazy Lake,  just go close to the waterfall, and just go back, reenter Lazy Lake. You got to do that because it does not count if you take the boat from lazy Lake instantly. And now let’s go to slurpy swamp.

Eliminations at Risky Reels, Fort Crumpet, or Hydro 16 (5)

After that challenge we have “eliminations at risky reels fort crumpet or hydro 16”.  This one is a bit difficult I do recommend you guys drop mostly to risky reels or hydro 16 because most of people are gonna know where where that is.

Search the hidden gnome found in between Logjam Woodworks, a wooden shack, and a bucket tree (1)

 The next challenge is “search the hidden gnome found in between logjam Woodworks, a wooden shack, and a bucket tree”. Here is how you can finish that challenge.  It’s gonna be located right underneath the workshop and close to  slurpy swamps.  Just go over here, check on the map, and there should be the gnome located right there. He’s right behind this tree  just go to this location where I showed you and let’s search it, boom that’s another challenge done.

Catch a fish with a Fishing Rod, a Harpoon Gun, and an Explosive Weapon (1)

 And the last challenge in order to get PURPLE RIPPLEY is “catch a fish with a fishing rod a harpoon gun and an explosive”. A lot of you know about the fishing rod and the harpoon gun, but you can al fish shooting with the boat.  If you go into a boat and shoot the rocket in the water for example where the fishes are, that’s another way you can fish with the explosive weapons. Another way you can do that is just find a grenade and just throw it into the water and it will explode. And the fish’s weapons and ammo will be on the top.  It’s really really easy.

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