How To Find The Snowball Launcher – Winterfest Challenge

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How to find Snowball Laucher - Winterfest challenge

I wanted to share with you how to find the Snowball Launcher in game as quickly and easily as possible. A lot of people have been struggling trying to find snowball launcher. Snowball launcher it is used for one of the challenges here in Winterfest to deal damage to opponents with it.

This guide will help those that have been struggling, that are having a really hard time finding one so you can knock out this challenge pretty quick.

1) Enter in Team Rumble game mode

So the best game-mode that you’re gonna want to play to get the snowball launcher is team rumble. The reason being obviously you’re gonna have a lot more chests to find. With there being a lot more chests on the map and loot everywhere you’re also gonna have a lot less players in game that are gonna take your opportunities.

If you’re playing solos you could land at a spot with 20 other people and not get a lot of chests. If you’re playing squads you know you might have the same situation. Maybe you run into your teammates that are taking your chest. But in Team Rumble there’s only 20 players on your team and you have half the map to work with.

2) Jump off the bus later you can

So essentially you want to play Team Rumble and you want to jump off the bus last. You want to ride the bus until it goes a good distance and try to go to a named location that’s far away from the starting circle. If you do that generally you’re not gonna run into anyone on the map.

Most of the time if you go somewhere that’s far away from the first circle in team Rumble and you jump off the bus towards the latter part of its ride, you’re not gonna have to worry about you know having any competition whatsoever.

3) Go To Christmas tree in middle first

I personally went to Retail Row and I had one other person that was there with me. It was very very easy. I found it pretty quick. One thing that I would recommend doing to whatever name location you go, is to go to the Christmas tree in the middle first. There’s a Christmas tree in pretty much every named location and there’s three chests that are available to open right there around the Christmas tree.

So you’ll be able to knock out three chests really really quick. And fortunately for me I was able to find the snowball launcher under the Christmas tree, in a retail row.

So if you guys go to a named location a far away from the first circle, towards the end of the bus, you won’t run into too many people and again make sure that you’re hitting the Christmas tree in the middle first. Because obviously there’s three chests you have a much better chance hitting all three of those.

If you’re very very unlucky and you don’t manage get the snowball launcher in any of the chests in the name location you go to, just back out started another game and and you should be able to do it again and and find one eventually, it shouldn’t take you too long.

4) Find Ice Boxes (Easiest)

Find Ice Boxes where it has a high drop rate of snowball launcher. Dirty Docks has a lot of ice boxes. Find those, smash it and you will see Snowball Launcher in front of you. There are other locations you can find ice boxes as well like Sweaty Sands but it does not have that many compared to Dirty Docks.

You can check this video if you have difficulty finding it

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