GTA 5 Online Festive Surprise 2019 Christmas DLC Update-Free Vehicles and Discounts

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GTA 5 Online Festive Surprise 2019 Christmas DLC Update-Free Vehicles and Discounts

In this article we’re gonna be discussing all the free gifts and bonuses that will be included in this year’s Festive Surprise update for GTA online. As we have expected Rockstar did announce and release this year’s  Festive Surprise update for GTA online and this year it is bigger than ever. So we gonna be giving you a rundown of all the free gifts, bonuses, items and more that are included in the brand-new Festive Surprise update for 2019. And we got a ton of information to go over today, because there is a ton of new content.

New supercar Grotty Furia

The first major announcement which is the brand new supercar known as the Grotty Furia. The Grotty Furia isn’t anything too crazy, but it is a supercar, it is very quick and it has some great customizations and then it also has a really awesome adaptive spoiler, that goes up and down, depending on your top speed. That is available for purchase right now via legendary motorsport. Rockstar also recommends that you use this vehicle as your next casino heist get away vehicle. However i would say that you need something a bit more armored but nonetheless this car is super quick and it will help you get away from virtually anything.

Free gifts

Next up let’s go ahead and talk about free gifts. If you log on to GTA online anytime on december 24th you will get the following items. You will get a Green Reindeer, Lights Bodysuit you will get a Firework Launcher if you don’t have one already and then you will get 20 times Firework Rockets and more. Now that is for december 24th and you have to log on only on december 24th to receive those items. Now even bigger is actually going to be december 25th. If you log on on december 25th you will get a 100% free fully weaponized Invade and Persuade RC tank with your name on it from Warstock Cache & Carry. Resale estimate is not known on this as at the moment, however from the looks of things it seems like a great free gift for logging on on december 25th. Just to be clear these are two separate days.

You do not need to log on on december 24th to get the gift on december 25th, however if you want both of the packages and of course you will have to log on on december 24th and also december 25th. Don’t forget when you log on on december 25th you will have to purchase this RC tank manually, and it will not be gifted to you. So make sure you keep it in mind, do not forget and when you log on head over to Warstock Cache & Carry and it should be free and you can customize it with whatever you want.

Free clothing options

Next up are Free Clothing options. In order to get all the presents rolling out this week make sure you log into GTA online anytime before january 1st, and you will be able to collect a special set of Holiday Clothing items that are limited-edition, and cannot be bought anytime else. You got a pair of Pyjamas and then you also get a few festive Sweaters which are really awesome and they are all free of charge.

Limited edition podium vehicles

Next up are the limited edition Podium Vehicles at the Diamond Casino and Resort. These podium vehicles are super limited edition they cannot be bought anytime else. And on top of that they have some super unique customization options, which are really awesome to see. They look super awesome and they are limited edition. These vehicles are available right now and they will be going away on december 25th.

Huge selection of discounts

Theirs also a huge selection of discounts that Rockstar is currently running. There’s a ton of really awesome discounts. If you want to take advantage of them go ahead and do it ASAP, because right now we don’t know when Rockstar is going to be ending these promotions, so it’s best to do it now rather than later.

Real estate:

  • Mc clubhouses – 50% off
  • Mc business properties – 50% off
  • Executive offices – 50% off
  • Bunkers – 50% off
  • Hangars – 50% off
  • Facilities – 50% off


  • Pegassi tezeract – 40% off
  • Imponte deluxo – 30% off
  • Mammoth avenger – 40% off
  • Mammoth thruster – 40% off
  • Ocelot stromberg – 40% off
  • Armored kuruma – 40% off
  • Buckingham akula – 40% off
  • Hvy insurgent pick-up custom – 40% off
  • Hvy apc – 40% off
  • Hvy barrage – 40% off
  • Rcv – 40% off

Special promotion for Twitch Prime members

And last but not least a special promotion for the Twitch Prime members and Amazon Prime members. For those of you that have it and have not linked your social club account from Rockstar games with your amazon or twitch prime account make sure you go ahead and do that because there is a ton of really awesome discounts and bonuses. You will be getting 10% off any kind of holiday discount listed above. So for example all hangers are 50% off and with your twitch prime or amazon prime subscription you will be getting 60% off on that. Again 10% off on everything including the discounts listed above.

GTA 5 Online Festive Surprise 2019 Christmas DLC Update-Free Vehicles and Discounts

GTA 5 Online Festive Surprise 2019 Christmas DLC Update-Free Vehicles and Discounts


Finally let’s go ahead and discuss snow. Snow is not available inside GTA online right now. A lot of people on twitter are freaking out they’re wondering where it is. And the reason why there is no snow inside the game right now is because Rockstar has been doing this for the last couple years. but they like people to hype up the game wondering when the snow is gonna be launched and then they launch it out of nowhere. There are several insider sources that we know are reputable on twitter that do show that Rockstar did add code into the game to enable the snow. And from the looks of things it will be enabled on Christmas or Christmas Eve. Again take this information with a grain of salt we still don’t have a 100% confirmation from Rockstar on this just yet.

For the time being everything else I discussed in this article including all the bonuses gifts and more are included right now inside the recent GTA online update. There will not be a separate online update for the snow cuz it is already inside the game code, the only thing Rockstar needs to do is switch it on for to be snow. So make sure you log in to GTA online right now take advantage of the really awesome bonuses, discounts, free gifts and pretty much everything else Rockstar is doing right now. They’re really taking it seriously right now and there are still some other stuff in this article that I still did not discuss, including the casino store which has a ton of really awesome limited edition Christmas items, that you can buy for now.

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