Fortnite smashing vases locations

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Set for the final stage of the Challenger She-Hulk / Jennifer Walters?

Have you just unlocated the outfit from Jennifer Walters, and want to overwrite it with the She-Hulk skin version? Ok, to solve a few tasks, you’ll have to fly across the map. One of these things needs you to rage at the art school assignment for someone! We ‘re going to tell you exactly where you need to go to finish this mission in Fortnite.

When you don’t know where to go, in Fortnite 4, the last Jennifer Walters Awakening Challenge can be doozy. Step 4 helps players to obtain the super hero skins of any Marvel character while completing all the objectives of the hero and improving their battle pass.

You have to emote after cracking a vase while you have Jennifer Walters’ skin fitted for the final Jennifer Walters Awakening Task. But where will a vase be found? This is a tougher issue that anyone might appreciate, as a vase will work to fulfill the task in just a few particular positions. You will have finally unlocked the She-Hulk skin after you complete this challenge.

How to emote the challenge of She-Hulk

1. Head of her office at Retail Road. Visit Jennifer Walters’ Office as Jennifer Walters’ wife.

2. Drop Doctor Doom’s sluts as Jennifer Walters – fire three sluts at Doom ‘s ground. No guide, it’s an easy guide here.

3. Vases shattering – learn how this can be achieved. You just have to break a vase (we did at least).

Fortnite Vase Locations

Cape Cod is the simplest vase to find. As you can see on the above map, Cape Cod is situated in the southern portion of the Fortnite Region.

image credit : Epic Games

The blue arrow also shows, on the map above, the spot in Cape Cod where a big blue-green vase is to be found. The arrow is in a clearing close to the middle of the island. Look for the yellow umbrella if you’re a bit confused and close to it.

Just break the vase with your preferred harvesting instrument and open your emote wheel. You can see all the usual emots being briefly deleted and replaced by the Gamma Overload emote from She-Hulk.

The emote lets Jennifer Walters transition from his intellectual prosecutor to the brave She-Hulk, complete with purple tights and green hair. On Ms. Walters, Bruce Banner has none.

Image Credit:

You can now enter the emotional shell of She Hulk anytime you want and play as the Jennifer Walters. Will you want to steal a few skulls or to fight for revenge? You will all do now.

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