Fortnite Polar Legends Pack Bundle – Glitch & Skins

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In this article i’ll be showing you how to get the Polar Legends Pack with a glitch. This glitch actually allows you to get the polar legends pack right now. It’s really easy so make sure you read this to the end and do not miss anything.

Polar legends pack cosmetics:

  • Frozen nog ops
  • Frozen flashstick
  • Codename E.L.F
  • E.L.F. shield back bling
  • The Devourer (with additional styles)
  • Castle peaks Back Bling

*all items may be available in save the world mode.

In this amazing bundle we have a bunch of new items added to the game. Firstly we have frozen nog ops, frozen flashtick and the devourer which is actually the monster that was fought during the season 9 live events and it’s also an emote that comes with the devourer so that’s a pretty cool emote, we have the power roar emote that comes with the devourer. This is the built-in emote that comes with it.. All these skins are really cool. The frozen theme added to them it’s similar to last year’s, when we had the frozen legends bundle. And there’s also a back blink the codename e.l.f which is the codename e.l.f the normal one, and also the minty style for it.

How to get POLAR LEGENDS PACK GLITCH in Fortnite

I was actually able to get it used this items with this glitch i will show you. So all you need to do, is it’s really simple what you want to do is actually go on your pc, and this glitch actually only works on pc i believe. You can try out on console but i’m not sure if it will work. But you do want to change the date and time. First step is to turn off the automatic time and automatic time zone settings and then you want to turn on the date and time to january 1st 2020. Because this is when the pack will definitely be out. It’s supposed to come out in two days on december 23rd. But anyway there is how you can get the pack. Now you do not have to restart your game you should actually stay in the item shop.

Turn off Time and Time Zone
Set up date and time at 1st of january 2020

The first item is nog ops, the skin is a really nice style of the normal nog ops. And then we have the frozen fishstick. Once again another good style, because fortnite loves to give another style to their most popular skins. Nog ops and fish stick are the most popular skins right now. And we also have the devourer which they actually haven’t released, but here it is now. I want to make disclaimer here. I would not go into a game with these skins yet. If you 100% do not want to get banned not go into a game with them. But i did go in a game with them.

Anyway i don’t really think it will get you banned at all. But i’m just saying you should not try it if you don’t want to get banned at all, because people could report you for somehow glitch in the game and getting these skins early.
So do this at your own risk make sure you do follow all the steps however if you want to get this pack early, they’re really simple.

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