Fortnite 11.31 Update – Early Patch Notes

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Fortnite 11.31 Patch Update - Early Patch notes

Fortnite 11.31 update patch is coming after a delay to the games Winterfest activities and brings a lot new stuff. Fortnite announced today that game servers will be down for few hours for maintenance. That maintenance, as Fortnite posted on Twitter, will bring new featrures on Christmas event on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and Mobile, and also free content of Advent Calendar. This will ensure that players get extra items simply by logging to the server. Also there are indication of bugs fixes in early patch notes.

Message from their official Twitter “Season’s greetings. v11.31 arrives tomorrow. Downtime begins at 4 AM ET (0900 UTC). Stay tuned for updates when downtime ends.” Some expentation are that servers will be back up at around 13:30 UTC later today.

Fortnite 11.31 Update Patch Notes

Underneath you will find Trello list of potential bug and error fixed in newest fortnite 11.31 update and some extra adjustments. Official patch notes will not arrive yet.

Save the World

  • Fix for Scoped snipers loss their crosshairs.
  • Fix for Hero might not be shown in the lobby after playing consecutive missions


  • Fire/Build button will no longer disappear after jumping in modes with glider redeploy
  • Tutorial playlist will be fixed
  • Exit the HUD Layout Tool fixed


  • Fix for Class Designer device show present “option”
  • Fix for Creative maps get memory usage boast after v11.30 update
  • Fix for No light emit for Christmas trees like it was in v11.30

Battle Royale

  • Fix for Players see edit option on enemy walls.
  • Fix for Item Shope timer
  • Fix for “Join Part” option through “Joinable Parties” may not work when using a controller.
  • Fix for Challenge “Elimination without aiming down sights” is not tracking progress properly.
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