Destiny 2-Vex invasion, Xp Grinding, New Weapons, Secret Rooms

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Destiny 2 Vex invasion Xp Grinding New Weapons Secret Rooms

First up we’re gonna look at how to activate the heroic version of the new vex offensive activity. Which is an excellent and pretty easy way of getting powerful gear every week. I’m going to explain how you can optimize your xp grinding so that you can quickly and efficiently level up your artifacts and snag yourself that sweet battle pass loot. Next its a little trick that allows you to equip your old iron banner ornaments to any piece of armor 2.0. We’re gonna have a sneak peek of the new spikey red weapons it’ll be dropping from shadowkeeps 3 player dungeon, which goes live on the 29th of october. Next some of the dungeons hidden secrets. Next up i’m going to show you how to get through locked door and what horrors lurk on the other side, and of course that’s exotic engram. I’m gonna open this battle pass exotic in the hopes of getting monte-carlo and there’s a whole heap of bonus content too. I’m gonna show you how to get some of shadowkeeps rarer emblems, how to completely final exotic quest at the divinity and talk about bungie next title. Yeah i know it’s mental we’ve only just dipped our toes into shadow keep and bungie are already making moves on another game. So yeah a lot to get through, let’s do this.

Ever since vex’s invasion and the new garden of salvation rate drops, players have four new ways to acquire powerful gear. So let’s have a look at them first up we have the vex offensive itself.

All you gotta do is take out vex in this new activity until you earn enough points. That’s it. And you get one tier two powerful items of every week for doing so.

Next up a tier 3 powerful item from my core every week for again just killing vex. But this time you can take them out anywhere in the system. Easy grind, awesome reward.

the food source is much harder you need to take out the new raid boss and you’ll be awarded pinnacle gear once a week.

Now this is the only gear that will take you past the 950 hard cap, and earn your way to the max key cap of 960. But there’s also a fourth power gear source.

How to activate the heroic version of the new vex offensive activity

Welcome to the vex invasion, which is basically a new massive public event on the moon. The vex are pouring in through portals from the black garden and you have to take them out.

Now just like any other public event there’s a way to activate a heroic version of the vex invasion. And that’s how you get your hands on powerful items drops. Now it’s worth noting that the vex invasion occurs in archers line, hellmouth and anchor of lights. And they will always appear shortly after a normal public event, so if you want to get involved in a vex invasion simply head to the nearest public event complete it and then wait around for the vex invasion to start. You’ll need to take out both of these hydras before you kill the vex gate lord. Once you take them out then you can focus your fire on the big guy. Now once it’s down another vex invasion will spawn nearby and you have to do exactly the same thing. Take out two hydras, then take out the vex gates lord. You’ll need to do this three times in total. Do it successfully by taking out all the hydras and you’ll spawn a four effects invasion encounter.

In the fourth fix invasion encounter you’ll need to take out a massive hydra overlord. He’s probably a little annoyed that you’ve just killed six of his babies. But you know all is fair in love and war. Anyway i digress if you take out the overlord and i’ll advise getting some help because this thing is a major bullet sponge, he’ll drop a powerful item. Now you can form this twice a week to a character which is definitely worth doing. As long as you’re above 900 power this shouldn’t be too difficult. Now can i just say a major wow to this awesome pool effect.

If you get near enough and look up you can see into the black garden which is where all the vex are pouring in from. It just looks really nice and i wanted to show my appreciation. And if you’re wondering what triumph i locked at the end of the fourth vex invasion encounter? well here it is.

Over the moon: in season 8 defeat vex overlords on earth’s moon in arches line hellmouth and anchor of lights you get 50 points for that.

How to optimize your xp grinding

Next up up how to optimize your xp grinding. Shadow keep more than any other destiny expansion is all about that bouties grind. You can level up your artifacts and your battle pass by simply gaining xp, and the most efficient way to do this is by completing those bounties.

Simply stock up banshee bounces that you can hold and hop in to the new vex offensive activity. Because here most area small bounties can be completed in vex offensive. That’s three separate stacks of bounties that you can simultaneously grind out in this new activity. Now after cashing in 28 bounties i unlocked two battle pass rewards and it really didn’t take me very long to do. It’s a nice tool grind and i’m actually very much enjoying it. And here’s a quick tip make sure you have a ghost with you guiding lights perk equips when you’re catching in bounties as you’ll gain an additional 10% xp.

and here’s another little tip when you get to the last boss in vex offensive and you still have enemy kill bounties that need completing, well don’t kill the boss he’ll stick around moving from play to play until you take him out and enemies will keep spawning in for as long as he’s stumping about. So yeah this is a really easy way of farming enemies and bounties.

Trick to equip your old iron banner ornaments in any piece of armor 2.0

Mix it up here’s a little trick that allows you to equip your old iron banner ornaments in any piece of armor 2.0. You need to go to your armor collections and reacquire any old iron banner ornaments you wish to use. These iron banner ornaments don’t work in exactly the same way as your universal ornaments do they can only be used once.

If you equip them and then swap them out with another ornament you need to go back into your collections in order to reacquire them again. Now this also works for your crucible and vanguard ornaments but not for your faction rally ornaments. So yeah you can now get your iron lord.

Spiky new weapons

 check out some of the spiky new weapons that will drop from shadowkeeps dungeon which launches october 29th. Now this image was posted online by ginza as you can see we’ve got the blasphemers shotgun the apostates sniper rifle and the heretic rocket launcher.

Now i’m very much looking forward to this new 3 player dungeon. Expected to provide the same kind of challenge is shattered throne. We’re gonna get a lot of jumping action. Arune puzzles and a massive boss battle.

3 secret rooms

So then you may have noticed these three rooms during gameplay preview. Now where have we seen a three room combo before? well on room chest. Now in order to unlock these chests you need to find the three nearby matching rooms and shoot them in the order they appear on the chest.

Could the three rooms in the dungeon present a similar kind of puzzle? are these moon runes chests bungees ways subtly preparing us for this dungeon? i guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Now when you get here the only way to open this door is by pulling out your ghost. And inside is one of those weird spooky guardian.

Divinity trace rifle

A little bit of breaking news here. Divinity trace rifle, little quick look at this now the perks of judgment “sustained damage with this weapon envelops the target in a field that weakens and disrupts” and it’s also got penance “targets under the effective judgement long enough a struck with a burst of damage”.

Raid pulse rifle sacred provenance now let’s have a look at this i was actually using this and i absolutely adore it. It’s got rapid het “rapid precision is temporarily increased the ability and reload speed” and it’s also got snapshot sights “faster time to aim down sights”. New raid pulse rifle sacred provenance i just love this perk combo rapidly and snap shot as long as you’re scoring crits you have stability and reload speed for days and snapshot just makes this gun feel so responsive. I love it and i’ll definitely be grinding the raid until i get one of these beauties with a decent perk combo.

Ok so let’s have a look at that little divinity weapon now shall we. So it is divinity sustained damage with this weapon creates a little bubble that weakens the target. Now if your allies shoot at bubble it does extra damage so it’s kind of a nice support weapon. And if you keep your beam locked onto the target long enough it’ll be struck with an additional burst of damage. So yes sustained damage is the name of the game.

Bungie selling boots

To mixed up check it out bungie is selling boots and destini boots you heard me right. They’re selling boots on their bungie store and you can pre-order them on october the 11th. So he had bungees going for world domination one step at a time.

Bungie working on aaa title

Next up we have more bungie news bungie already working on its next visually aaa title. Now if we scroll down on their website we can see some of the job listings the bungie has posted on its side. Here we have environment artists. Very interesting indeed a game that’s not destiny and it’s gonna be a triple-a title. Now if we scroll down further still it says updates “reddit points out that this could be bungees game for netease. Last year this chinese company invested 100 million dollars into the studio to create none destiny games”. Now i’ll be keeping a very close eye on this because i’m very interested indeed to see what bungees next non destiny game is.

Exotic engram

Then it’s time to end the article with an exotic engram opening. Just like the good old days. Now i’m hoping to get my hands on monte carlo.

i wanted to show you two rare emblems this is called the cryptologist and you get this from the collector’s edition of the game, and another is called the second mark of the collector and you actually get this from buying one of bungees pin badge kind of things from their bungie store.

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