Corsair K57 RGB Wireless Keyboard-Review

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Corsair K57 RGB Wireless review

New keyboard in town is Corsair K57 RGB wireless. So first off, this is one of the first keyboards from Corsair that utilizes their newer slipstream technology as they revealed at CES.  Slipstream in short means less power consumption, more reliable wireless connection, less bandwidth issues when there’s other wireless peripherals. Slipstream is definitely a good thing.

Button position

On the top right side of the keyboard we have some familiar functions, with the macro recording, the brightness control, a Windows lock key as well as dedicated multimedia keys always a plus. And then on the left side we have six macro keys. It’s nice that they had that included here while not taking up a lot of extra space on the keyboard.

Macros are obviously great for gaming, photo editing, video editing. Odds are you could utilize a macro in your everyday use  case, so it’s nice that we had the six included here. Also inside the box they have a detachable sort of rubberized wrist rests. It’s the same one we’ve seen on a lot of previous Corsair keyboards and on the back are two flip-out feet to elevate its backside.


One of the big things about this k57 is the fact that it is wireless. This is great to cut down cables on your desktop if you’re bringing this with you to the work or on travel.

So once you get it all unboxed you’ll see on the back side there’s actually a little housing unit for the wireless receiver. Just take that out, plug it into your PC, flip on the switch and it should automatically pair. And then from there the RGB lights will be shining nice and bright and you should be good to go. Now the keyboard is primarily plastic so it’s gonna be very lightweight, and that is kind of concerning to me. I’ll show you why, but let’s just get through the overview.


Not gonna spend too much time on this because it’s the same lighting effects you’ve seen and previous numerous RGB keyboards from Corsair, so very easy to go in switch it up inside of IQ. And this is where you’re also going to remap the keys if you want, as well as these six macro keys. So inside the software it do pretty much do everything for you, but you can also l use the macro recording button to make macros, so the software’s are literally necessary if you want to switch up all the RGB lights.

Battery life

The battery life on this to be expected is phenomenal. They say it’s rated up to 36 hours. I’ve been using it for a little over a week and i’ve been mainly keeping it on just a one static color for the RGB lights, and I think I have like 60% remaining still and i’ve been using it pretty consistently over the week so, that’s very good to see. Now in addition to the slipstream you know low-power and stuff like that. Another advantage is with the capella X RGB lights inside this keyboard they use, also showed off at CES, and again with these new RGB lights they’re supposed to be a more brighter, a lot more color in the saturation and stuff but also again low powered. In the past with RGB lights and keyboards it would take up a lot of power consumption, draining the battery faster, but in here that’s really not the case. Speaking of which you have the usual RGB lighting effects inside the IQ software.

Design and connectivity

Now in terms of layout pretty standard stuff here, but this is relatively more low profile than what you might be used to. Keys themselves aren’t as tall as your regular keys than you might be used to. Now in addition to the wireless slipstream connectivity, you can also connect this via Bluetooth as by F6 and F7 keys you can connect this to two Bluetooth devices, or you can choose to use this wired if you don’t want to, you don’t have to worry about the wireless battery life and stuff like that, cables included inside the box obviously.

Keyboard buttons

But let’s talk about some of the more important things. The key switches. This is not, I repeat not, a mechanical keyboard. Unfortunately they are still using rubber dome switches in this unit. I know that’s probably a bummer to about 99% of you out there, so yes, keep that in mind this is not a mechanical keyboard. Who are rubber dome switches for? A very small percentage of the audience out there, people just getting into PC gaming, maybe people just getting into other keyboards and stuff. So it’s putting this keyboard in a tough spot.

The cost of using mechanicals have come down so much over the past few years, that it’s just confusing that they have these in here. This keyboard retails for $100. So if someone is looking to get a new keyboard that you know maybe they’re switching over from consoles or they’re just getting into PC gaming as a whole, then yeah, they might not you know know about mechanical keyboards, and they would maybe want to try rubber dome switches. But at the same time, those people who would be looking for ever dome aren’t looking to spend $100.  


In addition to that one thing I really don’t like is the plastic construction that I mentioned before. This thing is entirely plastic and the forehead of the keyboard is a glossy material. And just from the unboxing I had a little smudge up on the keyboard. There are just tons of these very very fine scratches and that’s a bummer to see. This thing scratches insanely easily. Just having anything glossy on a keyboard but something that your hands are constantly touching, I don’t think is a good thing. And also with the plastic you can just pretty much pry the frame


In the end this is just a very good product to me. Using it for gaming yeah, it’s been fine, but you don’t really have an advantage at all with rubber dome switches. And again someone looking to get a keyboard with rubber dome switches, isn’t gonna be the same people spending $100. I get that slipstream is new and this is a good step in the right direction just not with these keys at this price. If you can put slipstream and a different Corsair keyboard I think it would be a big thumbs up. 

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