Common mistakes players make in PUBG

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mistakes that players make in PUBG

Today s we’re gonna be going over the 15 mistakes that players making that are preventing them from winning. Things you can figure out what you’re doing wrong and if you correct those things you should start playing much better and also start winning a lot more as well. And out of the way s let’s get into the 15 mistakes that you can work on correcting in  pubg.

15. Not optimizing your settings

Number 15 ladies gentleman is gonna be not optimizing your settings and now i’m saying not optimizing instead of having the best. Because i don’t believe there are objectively what you would call best settings. Settings can extremely complicated to get right especially for your particular setup. Is the fact that a lot of people based on what they’re running don’t have their optimize settings. Either they simply copy and paste these settings of someone else and just lift that right off and use it on their own. However it’s not sort of built for their own hardware and stuff like that. So that can cause issues what you need to do is be smart about your settings and figure out what works for you what works for your equipment and why.

14. Using zeroing mechanic

14 is gonna be players who are attempting to use these zeroing mechanic with scopes with their sniper rifles but are sort of failing at it because either they don’t understand how it works or it’s kind of unnecessary as a feature. If you don’t know what zeroing is this is a mechanic with some of the higher powered scopes in which you can determine the distance of an enemy and then zero your scope in order to hit the middle point on your scope. Instead of having to overcompensate and aim even higher up where let’s say you see an enemy at 300 meters exactly. You zero the scope for 300 meters and instead of having to aim upwards you just aim with the middle point. It’s gonna hit that entirely now. Some players try to use this when they’re using the higher powered scopes, but to be honest i don’t think a lot of players aren’t necessarily practiced with it. You should generally tend to overcompensate with my scope and because of muscle memory, but i don’t think zeroing is necessarily the best thing to even put your time into. I’ve always felt like pubg zeroing with scopes is one of their most like wasted potential of gameplay mechanics. And so if you’re thinking that you need to be a good player and you need to get good at zeroing in order to do so, that is absolutely false. A lot of the best players in the game or even just like average players don’t ever bother with zeroing just because it’s not worth it.

13. Parachuting too early / late

Number thirteen is gonna be players either parachuting too early or too late. And this is such an easy thing to screw up. I think anybody from time to time even if you’re not paying attention for half a second you can miss the optimal time to jump out and how you should be parachuting. Basically the rule of thumb is right that you can jump about a thousand meters from your target distance and just straight up glide all the way there. You don’t need to like pencil down to the air. So fall faster just simply glide and what should happen is you’ll pull out your parachute and then simply float right into your target location. Now that’s much easier said than done obviously that’s just something that you want to have happen, but what you can do is go into your training mode and really practice this technique about parachuting and it’s gonna significantly improve your jumps from here on out.

12. Crashing compounds incorrectly

Number 12 is crashing compounds incorrectly. If you don’t know what crashing is this is basically a term that’s used, when you pull up on a vehicle into a compound that’s already being held by somebody else and you’re going to with the intention of taking that over now. The most common mistake players make when crashing compounds is doing it really without a plan or without even windows. Because what you want to have happen ideally is make a breach as quickly as possible. Because they’re gonna hear your vehicle coming, they’re gonna be prepared for that and especially if you’re playing a squads game. You all have to get in as soon as possible or else you’re out in the open. So crashing a compound is very different because all of them are set up in a unique way. There’s windows and entrance points at different areas of the building at different times. So when it comes to crashing compounds every situation is unique but the golden rule that i try to live by is you need to crash the site at least with one window that you can jump in. That way you give yourself the option of staying outside if you have to but also breaching if its necessary.

11. Proning

It’s number eleven is a pretty easy one. It’s not proning when you should and then proning when you shouldn’t. Some of the best examples of using prone correctly can be seen when watching competitive  pubg. Especially when tube teams are fighting on a ridge and then they know the elevation point. If one team lower gets hit and needs to heal they can prone out and use that lens to their advantage to quickly heal. Now this obviously requires you to be aware of the terrain around. You just kind of have like a spatial awareness overall. So generally while pruning is looked at in  pubg as sort of a noob mistake, it definitely has its utility.

10. Missing/over looting

Number ten s is going to be missing loot or over looting. These are both just as dangerous to your gameplay as one another. Now missing loot is something that even the most experienced players are gonna do from time to time. Especially in high pressure situations and when there’s a lot of loot to sort through and you need something very specific it can happen. No  pubg player is ever gonna have 100% loot accuracy and you shouldn’t try to. The players that do attempt to do that are the ones that spend too much time looting and then they get punished for it. It’s better if you ask me just to take the essentials. Take the items that you absolutely need and forget all the extra stuff. Because if you end up needing that later that stuff will come on its own.

9. Rotating in the next zone

Number nine s is gonna be rotating into the next zone poorly. There’s pretty much two different ways that you can go about rotating. Generally speaking in all games especially if you’re playing either squads or solo. In solos just move towards the middle of the zone either holding a ridge or a compound. In squads it’s better to stay in the middle just from the beginning of the game and hold a compound for as long as you can. Now clearly not all  pubg games go that smoothly and according to plan. Things happen you have to change your game plan. That’s a big part of what makes  pubg fun to begin with. But when you’re making these rotations is something unexpected happens you have to kind of like re analyze the situation instead of just getting a little bit scared.

8. Audio

Number eight is not gonna be using your audio properly. People playing  pubg must understand that visual input is just as important as your audio input is. And sometimes the audio is even more important, as visual cannot give you at the time. Everything from paying attention to footsteps which is the obvious one but also some not so obvious things like very specific gun sounds, even with suppressors from farther away, marking out where those locations are is always a great thing to do. Using the sound of the engine of the air plane flying over the building is an underrated strategy. I don’t think a lot of players necessarily take advantage of this. It’s a risky thing to do because if the opponent is paying attention and they know you might use that as cover. Then they’ll be prepared but you can catch a lot of people off-guard doing this.

7. Vaulting/ledge grabbing

Number seven is going to be vaulting or ledge grabbing inappropriately. We’ll say you do it too much or just not in the right context. The thing with vaulting is that unfortunately it does put your weapon away as you’re climbing anywhere whether it’s out of a window, over a gate, or over a higher tier wall. Same thing with ledge grabbing. You have to completely put your gun down. But what you can do instead of vaulting is crouched up the windows especially if you know you’re in a gunfight and that’s not only faster but it’s also safer. I’m not saying you should never vote because there are certainly times where this is just way more convenient it’s way easier and honestly it probably doesn’t matter too much whether you crouch dump or vault. So i’m not saying you should never use it but especially if you’re already engaged in a gun fight and it’s gonna be a dangerous situation for you. I would go for the alternative of crouching to window instead of vaulting. When it comes to ledge grabbing so far there’s not really a good alternative of getting on higher places without putting your gun down. But maybe we’ll figure it out eventually.  This is something that these should be used conservatively.

6. Wrong grips

Number six s is gonna be using the wrong grips on the wrong weapons for the incorrect jabs. Now this is can get really complicated because even among the weapons there’s a lot of interplay between what grips are good for what particular weapons so there’s not a very like laid out chart objectively of what are the best grips. But in general the thing that you got to know is that the vertical grip is overall the best one.  The other things where it gets a little more complicated is when you have a weapon that has a ton of horizontal recoil that’s the harder kind of control. You might want to consider an angled grip as it is gonna cut down a little bit on that. And then also potentially a thumb grip although the thing with the thumb grip is you do lose a lot of weapons stability in the process. The half grip is very bad for single tapping. And the light grip is not good for full auto spraying and especially in longer spraying. However the light grip for single tapping and even short ar sprays is very good.

5. Playing too aggressive

Number 5 is playing too aggressive. Obviously playing aggressive is fun you can rock yourself up a lot of kills. And it just makes for entertaining gameplay. When i get into one of these cycles where i’m just playing very badly and i know it’s because i’m being too aggressive and trying to take stupid fights ones that i know i can’t win. Then i really have to force myself to slow down and think about the place that i’m making. When i force myself to slow down i end up playing a lot better. And i can just surprise myself and just pull off a quick win. And if this is a problem that affects you as well again the best thing that i can tell you is literally force yourself to consciously slow down. Like i mean actually slow down some of your actions. You’re looting take your time on, that take your time on positioning yourself within the map itself. Listening out for other enemies and when you do that over a couple games you’ll slowly get back into a groove that you felt when you’re winning a lot.

4. Smoke grenades

Number 4  is not gonna be taking full advantage of smoke grenades. Smokes have a lot more utility than meets the eye. For example the one of the most obvious things you can do is just play down a smoke in order to kind of put up a wall where you can cut off someone’s line of vision. So you can either reposition or something like that just to cut them off for a couple seconds. Maybe you can get a healing. What you also want to use smokes for is of course reviving teammates throwing that on top of them. When they go down so they don’t get shot and finished off. But what they also can do is just simply be a distraction. This trick works especially well in the late game when you’re down to i would say maybe the top 10 top 5. And let’s say there’s an enemy holding a particular building and you need to push around it. Throwing a smoke grenade in one direction letting that go off and then running in the opposite direction, well even for a brief period, is going to momentarily distract them. They’ll probably look towards the smoke to see if you’re trying to run through it. But you can use that time to break their vision to reposition and it’s such a useful thing to do. Not only our distraction smokes the best kind of needs to use because they last the longest, but also if you really have to they’re always gonna be kind of checking on that smoke to see if you happen to run through it. And if you do you have the option of actually pushing through that smoke and it being a real one instead of a distraction. You can switch them up kind of you know keep your enemy on their toes.

3. Peaking too much

Number three is gonna be peaking too much. Now it’s really not obvious if you’re using your lean mechanic too much until it becomes a detriment to your shot. And what i mean by that is if you’re missing something because you’re leaning and maybe you’re not getting somebody because they’re higher up. What you sacrifice when you’re peeking in this game is like an inch or so of actual verticality that your shot can do. So if you’re aiming up into a window frame and if you’re leaning and you’re hitting just the board of it, then you might want to actually just stand up. Because that little bit of height might be what you need to in order to hit your enemy. I recommend taking full use of your lean mechanic because not only is it a very good protection sort of thing but it’s also just kind of good muscle memory to build a habit of. But using it in general in context for gunfights is absolutely fine and is very strongly recommended. But when you feel like you’re doing it too much and it’s becoming a detriment to your actual shot, then that might be a sign that you need to kind of reconsider how you’re playing. It’s also important to note that leaning in gunfights it used to be a very popular strategy, because it made your arms kind of like the biggest hit box and what the enemy was likely to hit meaning it deals less damage. However now in  pubg the mechanics have been worked out where currently if you get hit in the arm it’s still gonna go through and hit your body. So that strategy actually doesn’t work anymore.

2. Vehicles

Number two is not gonna be splitting your vehicles while other playing duo’s or in squads. Optimally what you want to have happen when you’re playing with more than one person and if you’re using vehicles, you don’t want to all be in the same car. Even though that might sound like a good idea. If you’re playing with four people and you start driving you only have one vehicle, but as you go down the road or just across the map you stumble across more, have each player split into their own vehicle, and then still roll as a squad obviously, but not only do you have more utility in just having four different vehicles, but it’s also extremely safer. Because if you start to get gunned down from a good position in one car, either one of you is gonna die but not all of you is likely to die. If there’s no vehicles available then obviously you should probably all travel as a group. But i highly recommend splitting as much vehicles as possible between how many players. Even four duo’s this is very good strategy. Just not rolling with your partner and having them take their own vehicle if available.

1. Getting nervous

Now finally coming in today at the number one spot one of the biggest mistakes that i think a lot of pubg players make that is preventing them from winning or playing well. Is simply freezing up and getting nervous during the late game. And this is such a common thing to do. Especially for players that maybe are a bit newer to this and haven’t been through a lot of wins before. It’s very common for someone to get into a top five situation and then fully freeze up and not like move from their spot. Wait for the circle to begin closing and everyone else to fight it out and hopefully get the last kill. What does work sometimes  what i try to tend to do is really try to take control of the rest of the game. This is gonna require you to think a little bit more critically on the fly. Especially with how many players are left and what they’re likely to do. That’s such a good strategy to go for.  Consider where all the players are in position to the zone and think about what their next move is likely to be. And if you can get that sorted out you can outplay them very very easily. But no matter what’s happening even if you don’t have the optimal setup let’s say you’re fighting people with level 3 gear and you just don’t have that you still have to do your best to not freeze up and take control as much as possible. At least put up a fight before either the zone takes you or you just get kind of stuck into an easy position. Because the zone forces it. That’s what happens a lot of the time. It’s also worth noting that it is gonna get easier for you to just simply take control of the late-game and be more confident in doing so. Honestly you might surprise yourself about how much you end up winning more.

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