17 New Nintendo Switch Games Coming NOVEMBER 2019

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15 NEW Nintendo Switch Games Coming NOVEMBER 2019

November is jam-packed with some awesome  new Nintendo Switch games 2019 and today we have more than 15 games releasing in the coming month. Let us know what you are excited for and without further ado let’s get into the list.

1. Just dance 2020 (39.99$)

Okay coming on the 5th a game that i absolutely going to love it’s just dance 2020. If you are interested in this kind of thing then this is the ten years kind of special edition that includes five hundred plus different songs from across the just dance collection and forty new ones just for this version.

2. Ships (13.99$)

Ships from ultimate games seems a reasonable price for a slightly interesting take on the simulation genre. You have to manage your crew, deck out your ship with extinguishers, hoses, water cannons inflatable boats etc and even defend it from pirate attacks, as you go about your business transport in cargo.  

3. Construction simulator 2 (19.99$)

In a similar vein then we’ve got construction simulated console edition. If you’re unfamiliar with the series you have an extensive fleet of over 40 different vehicles. And there are 60 different construction jobs to take part in. So if you’ve ever been driving down the road and seen the builders stood out in the rain with the wind lashing against their faces looking miserable and cold, you can do all of that from the comfort of your nintendo switch. There’s a big following for these types of games and the performance on this one is actually very good

4. Stay cool kobayashi, san!  (13.99$)

The next game is from the river city series and it has an excellent name. It’s called stay cool kobayashi, san. It’s 11 pounds, it looks to be a adventure beat them up from some of the best game creators. With that pedigree and some interesting things like 20 different endings depending on the actions you’ve taken in the game and full voice acting for every character i have a sneaking suspicion this could be awesome. Is very cheap 11 pounds there’s one to two player co-op and locally.

5. Tokyo dark remembrance (19.99$)

Tokyo dark remembrance is a very cool looking game with a 20% pre-order discount taking it down to around about 13 pounds. And has a high 18+ rating. So it’s definitely not one for kids. This action-adventure title has a lovely graphic novel, hand-drawn style with a really interesting system they call spin. This short for sanity professionalism investigation and neurosis that keeps track of every decision you make, changing how other characters react and the actions available to you, is a very dark game based in tokyo. Looks to have some of those types of decisions that you just don’t want to make where the outcome often is the lesser of two evils. It’s full of exploration discovery and puzzle solving. This looks absolutely brilliant actually i’m not gonna lie, art style anything with cyberpunk in it and tokyo is a win in my book.

6. Puzzlement (1.5$)

It’s called puzzlement from game brain and it’s about a pound. There are 50 levels seems to have really nice and relaxing music to it. And look come on sometimes you just need a little puzzle game while you’re waiting at the doctor’s or the dentist’s. This is a very simple concept you just have to get all the red squares. If you’re into a cheap little puzzler this one should pick.

7. The grisaia trilogy ( 59.99$)

The grisaia trilogy from prototype  the thing about this is it might be expensive at 53 pounds but it includes all of the series in one game. Which is essentially nine different games and hundreds of different stories. Which represents fantastic value. You can play with touchscreen use just a single hand or detach and play in tv mode. If that’s your thing if you don’t k  anything about the game then play as a male student who enrolls into a private academy. A strange school surrounded by tall walls on every side. His name’s yuji kazami and he’s essentially bored of his job and wants more out of life. These seem to be well-written and have a large following in japan i’m pretty sure this is the type of game everyone would thoroughly enjoy.

8. Jumanji: the video game (39.99$)

We know there’s a new jumanji film coming out from dwayne the rock johnson soon, but there’s also obviously going to be a video  game.   That drops next friday and i have to say this game looks quite interesting. It’s from outright games and i kind of trust these guys. They tend to do quite a good job. But it includes 1 to 4 player co-op. It’s an action-adventure rpg shooter and i’m not entirely sure how that’s going to work. That 1 to 4 player can be done online with friends or you can also split screen.

9. Super street racer (44.99$)

Super street racer looks quite decent from the trailer. That being said it’s being pitched as a premium product there are 500 granted aftermarket car parts to choose from 60 different missions and the most interesting feature is bringing up a scrap car and gradually building it up to using street races. This has one to two player but you can only play one player when you’re using it in handheld. I’m guessing that’s to do with performance limitations. Doesn’t look to have any online functionality which is going to be a bit of a miss for some people. For 40 pounds certainly on the priciest side. Let’s find out if it’s any good when it drops on friday.

10. Asdivine kamura (14.99$)

Asdivine kamura  it’s an rpg adventure seems to use some more traditional turn-based rpg elements and a party of up to four characters in a world under siege from some unknown  force. It’s 12 pounds if that’s your type of thing and it drops on friday.

 11. Garfield kart: furious racing (29.99)

 And so on friday we have garfield karp furious racing. This has two to eight player online thankfully and once a two-player split-screen. There’s not a huge amount of information on the eshop. It’s gonna have power sliding and a number of pickups based on the garfield universe and probably some sort of boost mechanic. There are sixteen tracks here and all the characters you’d imagine.

12. Animus harbinger (7.99$)

Next up then we’ve got animus harbinger which was i believe the sequel to the first game that was released on the nintendo switch. This has also been on mobile  and its semi-decent game. Takes some elements from games like dark souls but it’s more of a boss fighting game. Unlike the mobile counterparts they stripped out all of the pay to stuff. There’s still quite a bit of grinding in these but they’re semi decent games and for eight pounds you can’t really go too far wrong.

13. Juicy realm (14.99$)

The next one is called juicy realm from x.d. Network and it describes itself as a roguelike game in which players must square off against bizarre fruits from across the world. But the art style has caught my attention well and truly and the two-player co-op, it looks incredible. I’m afraid purely on a superficial level i had to include this one. Is 14pounds and it’s coming on thursday next week.

14. Laytons mystery journey (39.99$)

Laytons mystery journey next which has a huge following. It’s about 35 pounds this time professor herschel layton’s gone missing and it’s up to you, his daughter catriel to deal with the legwork. It has all the dlc here, the new outfits and if you played the game before well i don’t know  how much extra it’s going to offer other than that. But if you haven’t there is a ton here to do. It’s only single player but this puzzle adventure has always attractive lots of attention. And as that big following for reason it drops on the 8th.

15. House of golf (7.99$)

And then you’ve got house of golf which despite the low price tag around about 6 pounds, looks very nice indeed and has a hundred and thirty five different mini-golf levels to be enjoyed with a group of pals in local competitive matches.

16. Sturmwind ex

 And we’ll finish off this list with a game called sturmwind ex. Sturmwind was originally a title on the dreamcast i believe. And sturmwind ex is a revival of the game. It looks absolutely lovely, it’s a shoot-’em-up in the traditional old-school sense, hey if it moves shoot it. It’s got two different game modes sixteen levels three difficulty levels or your usuals upgradeable weapons, drones and different weapon drone formations and there are more than 20 boss enemies to fight through. What is nice is that they’ve included achievements and a high-score system. Which has be honest an arcade game needs. It’s about 11 pounds and it comes on friday.

17. Mario & Sonic

Join the world’s greatest sports party celebrate the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 with your favorite characters, loads of events and so many ways to enjoy the party on your Nintendo switch. Have a blast competing with your friends in 30 plus action-packed 3d and classic 2d. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo2020 releases on November 1st.

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